REPLAY: NAL Zoom Meeting on Vaccines: what’s real and what’s not?


As pro-lifers, we need to have a conversation about vaccines because some vaccine manufacturers use aborted baby cell lines. During the coronavirus pandemic which has swept the world, many rumours are streaming out in waves and causing much confusion about some vaccines inserting nano-bots, and others being the insertion of the Mark of The Beast … Read more

REPLAY: Webinar: Abortion, Conscientious Objection and the Law

Webinar 1

For those who missed out and would like to have participated: On 2 July 2020 around 19h00, Doctors For Life hosted a webinar on the topic of Abortion, Conscientious Objection and the Law. Our Guest Speaker was Adv. Keith Matthee SC and participants from across Africa, and from other countries joined us for this meeting. … Read more

Documentary: Blood Money, the business of abortion

Because there is an obvious push to censor pro-life expose’s of the abortion industry, the original YouTube account that published this documentary has been terminated. Hear first hand accounts from former abortion doctors and nurses in this documentary. We managed to download it before it got censored and made it available to you right here. … Read more

Doctors For Life: Where does Life begin? Scientific References by Dr Dianne Irving

Human Development

I. TheCarnegie Stages of Early Human Embryonic Development The Carnegie Stages of Early Human Embryonic Development are found at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, Human Developmental Anatomy Center [2500 Linden Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20910; USA; [email protected]]. More links: Embryology 1, Embryology 2 PDF Carnegie Stages, Embryology 3 PDF – Development The known facts of the science of human … Read more

Interview: GNCR interviews Doctors For Life

In 2019, we had our Annual March for Life in Umhlanga, Durban. Many different pro-life organizations joined the march and demonstrated their thoughts and feelings on abortion in South Africa. Melissa Hertz interviews Liza Lombard from Doctors For Life (DFL) on DFL’s specific involvement in the pro-life movement and what their role in the pro-life … Read more