REPLAY: NAL Zoom Meeting on Vaccines: what’s real and what’s not?


As pro-lifers, we need to have a conversation about vaccines because some vaccine manufacturers use aborted baby cell lines. During the coronavirus pandemic which has swept the world, many rumours are streaming out in waves and causing much confusion about some vaccines inserting nano-bots, and others being the insertion of the Mark of The Beast … Read more

Doctors For Life: Where does Life begin? Scientific References by Dr Dianne Irving

Human Development

I. TheCarnegie Stages of Early Human Embryonic Development The Carnegie Stages of Early Human Embryonic Development are found at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, Human Developmental Anatomy Center [2500 Linden Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20910; USA; [email protected]]. More links: Embryology 1, Embryology 2 PDF Carnegie Stages, Embryology 3 PDF – Development The known facts of the science of human … Read more

Ballito Awareness Campaign

In January 2019, our team went out to Ballito Junction area to demonstrate against the killing of babies in the mothers womb through abortion. Although our group was small, we had the privilege of speaking to many people who walked by, and one of our team members could even speak to a pregnant mother who … Read more